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helpNYC.info Resource Navigator Program

New York City has one of the largest and extremely comprehensive public health and social service systems in the world, there are only a few, if any, challenges New Yorkers can’t get help with. However, that system of services and resources is extremely challenging to navigate for even the most resourceful of individuals.

The helpNYC.info Resource Navigator is the first program of its kind to simplify the navigation of low-barrier services and resources in a person first, system second approach.

helpNYC actively works to use technology, best practices, language, and other innovative methods to eliminate barriers and stigmas for those in need to access services, resources, and information from our programs.

Even the website is programmed to be accessible on all platforms and bandwidths, especially government-subsidized technology like cell phones and other devices, making our services low-barrier from the first click.

As of June 2022, the program has been used by over 15,000 unique visitors within a 25-mile radius of the geographic center of New York City. The helpNYC.info Resource Navigator sees an average of 500 new users a month.

The Navigator grew out of a personal text message and google document that helpNYC Founder J. RueMel Parkin shared with New Yorkers he met privately.

They shared their lived experience with street and shelter homelessness, substance use and mental health recovery, food insecurity and financial insecurity to help New Yorkers get back on their feet, allowing those New Yorkers to gain a sense of dignity and hope that a better life is possible.

In 2018 the helpNYC.info Resource Navigator was launched to provide more resources to underserved New Yorkers and those who help them and is the signature program and the primary focus of the helpNYC Corporation.

Community Outreach

helpNYC does outreach in the community by sending our team into the Community to provide New Yorkers with information and services in their community.

Through our outreach program, we connect New Yorkers to our helpNYC.info Resource Navigator program and services and programs from our partners.

Check out our events page for upcoming and past outreach events.

If you would like to have helpNYC bring an outreach team to your event please email outreach@helpNYC.info.

Click here for more information.

Housing Voucher Initiative

helpNYC and Neighbors Together lead a citywide initiative to help Housing Voucher holders connect with Landlords that can provide them housing.

The group nonprofits, realtors, landlords, city agencies, and advocacy groups meet bi-weekly to share updates on their efforts to assist New Yorkers experiencing homelessness to find safe and permeant housing.

In addition to the sharing of information, the Initiative hopes to push a comprehensive guidance document that will cover all aspects of the housing voucher and apartment search process in New York City to empower those who need housing to find housing easily.

Voter Education Initiative

Established in 2020, helpNYC works to educate voters through education, registration, and providing general information to New Yorkers about the Election Process in New York State.

Organizational Support

helpNYC offers a variety of training, organizational support, and technical assistance conducted by people who have volunteer, educational, professional, and lived experience serving underserved New Yorkers.

We have ready-to-go presentations and trainings, but we also offer customizable and couture presentations drawing on our vast experiences.

helpNYC also provides Guidance Documents for New Yorkers and their service providers.

More Information about our Organizational Support can be found here.

helpNYC Guidance Documents can be found here.

Food Assistance Collective of New York

The Food Assistance Collective of New York was a group of nonprofit organizations and community initiatives working together to support programs addressing food insecurity. The collective's work focused on empowering people who provide low-barrier food assistance to New Yorkers in need. We connected members to resources, advocate for their needs, and promote an equal voice for all.

The collective was founded by helpNYC on April 1, 2020 to help Food Assistance Providers strengthen their programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City.

The program was sunset in February of 2022 after accomplishing its goals set during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York City.