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helpNYC relies on its amazing volunteers to support our work helping New Yorkers in need.  If you would like to become a volunteer please complete our online application below. helpNYC believes that our lived experience is the most valuable asset in working with others.  We encourage and expect our volunteers to be engaged, active, and idealists in their service to our community.  We are open to new ideas and perspectives.  The helpNYC Community strives to be inclusive, diverse, and equitable in every action we do.

Our work is done in dynamic teams of career-orientated volunteers.  We work together virtually and collaboratively.  Our Teams usually meet on a weekly basis and are conducted in a flat leadership style where all members, regardless of role and responsibilities have an equal opportunity to contribute.  helpNYC strives to provide an environment for our volunteers to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally.

Our current volunteer offerings are listed at NYCService.org.  

If you don't see a position you're interested in at NYCService, please complete the Volunteer Application anyways and send it to us!  We would love to meet you!

Avaliable Oppotunities

Board Members & Officers

helpNYC is looking for experienced Board Members and Officers. Click here for more information.

NYC Housing Voucher Initiative Volunteer

helpNYC is looking for a dedicated housing advocate to help with the management and administration of the Housing Voucher Initiative. Click here for more information and how to apply.

The helpNYC Teams

Advisory Board

The helpNYC Board of Advisors is composed of community, business, and government leaders that support the work of helpNYC through building relationships with the organizations and businesses they are affiliated with.  Advisors also provide executive, fiscal, and operational support to the Board of Directors and other elements of helpNYC.

Board of Directors

The helpNYC Corporation Board of Directors is composed of community leaders that are fiscally responsible for the welfare of helpNYC. They direct the organization’s work within the ByLaws and articles of helpNYC. Members are term-restricted and are elected after an extensive application process.


The Communications Team is responsible for our communications externally and internally. They maintain our social media presence, marketing, and media relations. They build partnerships with other organizations that complement the work of helpNYC. The team also is the originator of our public facing content.


The Development Team is responsible for foundational, government, and private fundraising efforts.  This team identifies, researches, and establishes relationships with potential funders and maintains those relationships to ensure that helpNYC has the resources necessary to support our programing.


Our Leadership Team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the helpNYC Corporation. They are a support team mainly responsible to the Board of Directors, but also provide administrative and executive support to all of the helpNYC Teams.

Resource Navigator Team

The signature program of helpNYC is the helpNYC.info Resource Navigator. This team is responsible for the administration and operations of the program.  They also identify resources in the community that serve New Yorkers in Need and build partnerships with them.

Food Assistance Collective of New York

The Food Assistance Collective of New York (FAC-NY) is a community-building and organizing initiative of helpNYC. This Collective is made up of volunteers, staff, and individuals associated with Food Assistance programs and initiatives who come together to provide mentorship, advocacy, and partnerships. Please visit facny.org for more information on how to get involved. 

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