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helpNYC Board of Directors

The helpNYC Corporation is seeking Directors and Officers to serve on its Board of Directors. 

About helpNYC

helpNYC is a peer-driven community organization that educates, advocates for and provides direct services to people who are in need. We promote Human Rights, Social Justice, and social and economic opportunities. Our belief that people are the experts in their own lives is the essence of our work.

helpNYC provides information on verified, low-barrier programs and organizations that serve New Yorkers in need via our website at www.helpNYC.info.  We list over 50 types of service points, covering the eight dimensions of wellness.

Since 2018, the helpNYC.info Resource Navigator, helpNYC’s signature program, has helped over 100,000 New Yorkers connect to low-barrier services that address food, housing, and financial insecurity; mental health and medical services; and substance use recovery services.  The program’s partnerships with over 200 community and faith-based organizations, mutual aid groups, and grassroots organizations have built a network of low-barrier services across New York City.

helpNYC continues to be a pioneer in the marketing of and advocacy for low-barrier programs that practice harm reduction, resource access, and the restoration of choice to a person in need.  Through our Community Partnerships, we allow many networking opportunities and connect those programs that are isolated to others doing the same or similar work.

Our future is bright and forward-thinking.  We strive to be a leader in advocating for and providing services to people who have mental health concerns, struggle with substance use, and those who are underserved.

About the Position

The Board of Directors is currently seeking interested individuals that have experience with

The helpNYC Corporation Board of Directors is composed of community, government, and business leaders that have lived experience with accessing public health and social services in New York City. They direct the organization’s work within the ByLaws and articles of helpNYC and are responsible for the organization's fiscal health. Members are term-restricted and are elected after an application process.

The helpNYC Board of Directors is a working board and meets five times a year. Officers meet monthly. Directors are asked to be active in fundraising, grant writing, and promotion of the organization through their personal and professional networks.

Those who are interested please contact Richard Perkins, Secretary at richard.perkins@helpNYC.org, or Rue Parkin, Executive Director, at rue.parkin@helpNYC.org.  

The first meeting of the founding Board of Directors in 2020.  From top left Rue Parkin, Furwa Hussain, Charlotte Masters, and Cassandra Perry.  In late 2020 Emmanuel Martinez and Philip "Peachez" Bolton would join at the incorporation of helpNYC.