Start your Grapevine Giving Circle, Today!

Grapevine Giving Circles are a great way to connect your colleagues, family, friends, and community together and pool your money to fund a great organization like helpNYC.  

If you already have an active Grapevine Giving Circle, please consider helpNYC as this month's charity of choice!  If you aren't a member of a Grapevine Giving Circle join start one now to benefit helpNYC!  

Emily from Grapevine has created this great video to help you start a Grapevine!

Click here to visit the helpNYC profile on Grapevine.

Please Note:*helpNYC cannot provide technical or customer service for Grapevine accounts. Please contact Grapevine directly.*Donations through Grapevine are processed by a donor-advised fund, a 501(c)(3) donor-advised fund benefiting helpNYC. Please contact Grapevine directly for more information.