Facebook & Instagram Fundraisers

Fundraise for helpNYC on Facebook and Instagram

Got a Birthday or Celebration coming up? Facebook and Instagram Fundraisers are a great way to support the work of helpNYC!

Start a Facebook Fundraiser

  1. Login to your Facebook account.

  2. Navigate to the helpNYC Facebook Fundraiser Tool.

  3. Complete the details on the left side.

  4. Share the Fundraiser with your friends!

  5. Tag @helpNYC in your Fundraiser and we will help promote it!

Having trouble? Click here to get help from Facebook Fundraising.

Start an Instagram Fundraiser

  1. Click here to download the official helpNYC Instagram Fundraising post, choose an image of your own, or create one of your own.

  2. Open Instagram and click the '+' sign.

  3. Crop and filter your post, then tap Next.

  4. Tap 'Add Fundraiser'.

  5. Search for and choose helpNYC as the nonprofit you want to fundraise for.

  6. Write a post and click share.

  7. Share the post with your followers on your Story and in private messages.

  8. Tag @wehelpnyc in the post and message us so we can share your fundraiser!

Having Trouble? Click here to get help from Instagram Fundraising.

helpNYC's Communication Team's Justin Abisror shares how easy it is to start a Facebook and Instagram Fundraiser.

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